mercredi 9 juillet 2008

Some sketches

Some sketches; just to practise a little, not being a real good one at the caricature exercise I tried a light crossing with the portrait :D
OK it is not always that, I guess some face will be har to recognize ; but I try to being better at that! !

Quelques croquis; histoire de pratiquer un peu, n'etant pas DU TOUT un as de la caricature, je tente plus le leger croisement avec le portrait :D
bon, c'est pas toujours ça, mais on tente de s'ameliorer hein !
1 kyle xy
2 wentwoth miller / micheal schofield
3. T-Bag from Prison Break
4. Charlie from Lost
5. Agent Mahone from Prison Break
6. Jennifer garner from alias (I can't find the pic on google at new damnit) but as it was from alias, it's a pic where she get one of her several look
7. Agent Mahone
8. Jennifer garner "streamlined"
9. Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
10. Jack/matthew fox, from LOST you can screw me for that; OK
11. Sydney Bristow from Alias
12. T-Bag

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